The Strategic Thinking System for Advantage

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Make strategic thinking your Superpower.

Learn how to use the Strategic Thinking System and the Five Pillars of Being Strategic to level up your strategic thinking and be more strategic in this self-paced video course.


Sheril Mathews

"I’ve read multiple books on strategy and also taken courses. They’re often too focused on theory and less so on implementation and mechanics. STA bridges that gap really well and covers ground thoroughly on both aspects - depth of frameworks combined with nuts & bolts of application.

Alex also shows you how to integrate it into your daily routine, making strategy a key part of how you think.

It’s a one of a kind opportunity to learn from a pro who’s practiced strategic thinking for decades. I got a lot out of it and I’m sure you’ll do as well. Highly recommended!"

Don Springer

"Alex Nesbitt’s course provides a practical education on strategic thinking that is well-founded on his rich expertise and deep research.

The course has the added value of a behind-the-scenes module presenting Alex's strategic thinking used to formulate the course itself.

In the end, one arrives more knowledgeable about strategic thinking and how to do it, as well as being more strategic for oneself and others."

The Strategic Thinking System for Advantage

Most "how to think strategically" advice boils down to the same tired truism. Think big picture.

This metaphor is fitting but not helpful for actually improving your strategic thinking or developing the skills and judgment required to become a strategic executive. The "think big picture" advice is just too ambiguous to be useful.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to think strategically is essential. It's not just a skill; it's a fundamental pillar for professional success.

As markets evolve and new technologies emerge, those who can anticipate, adapt, and strategically respond stand apart. Whether you're leading an organization or  climbing the corporate ladder, strategic intelligence is key to staying ahead and making an impact.

However, mastering strategic thinking can often feel like trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

If you’re nodding your head to these challenges, know that you’re not alone, and there's a way out.

Good News: There's a Way Through This Maze! 

I've compressed my 30-plus years of strategic leadership and strategy consulting to help make strategic thinking more accessible to everyone.

It all starts by recognizing that strategy is a deeply human skill -- everyone can be more strategic.

Being strategic creates beneficial power dynamics, allowing you to move beyond management into positions of influence and leadership.

Strong strategic leaders are the people we turn to when things are tough. When we need to make big decisions, when we need to make significant changes.

These are the leaders who get the opportunities. And in turn, the responsibility, rewards, and recognition.

But strong strategic leaders are in short supply.

Despite its significance, nobody teaches you how to be more strategic. And the everyday work of an operational leader doesn't help you develop this skill.

This is precisely where the Strategic Thinking System for Advantage mentoring program bridges the gap. It's designed to help you think and act strategically, propelling you to the next level of performance.

Course Breakdown: A Journey to Strategic Mastery

  1. Strategy Demystified: Understand the essence of strategy, learn to differentiate it from tactics, and get familiar with tools like the strategy frame, pyramid, and roadmap.
  2. Building a Strategy for Strategic Thinking: Go behind the scenes and see how real practitioners, not academics, develop strategy.
  3. The Five Pillars of Being Strategic: Transition from thinking to action. Develop an 'enactive' mindset, generate better insights, influence others, innovate for advantage, and drive strategic impact.
  4. Bonus Lessons: Learn how to implement the powerful "Win Your Day" system. Dive deeper into strategic thinking and systems thinking, gaining extra tools and insights for continuous improvement.

This program is designed to turn your strategic challenges into strengths. Here’s how it will change your approach and enhance your capabilities:

  1. Clear Understanding of Strategy vs. Tactics You'll gain a crystal-clear understanding of what strategic thinking means, learning how to distinguish it from day-to-day tactics. This knowledge will empower you to plan and execute with greater clarity and purpose, aligning your daily actions with your bigger strategic goals.
  2. Boosted Strategic Thinking Skills Develop the ability to think with a strategic mindset. You'll learn to anticipate what’s coming next in your industry and tackle complex problems effectively. This will not only make you a participant in strategic conversations but a leader, guiding your team with insights and foresight.
  3. Flexibility in Strategy Development Learn to craft strategies that are not just solid but also adaptable to change. This agility is crucial in today’s fast-paced business world, helping you stay one step ahead and quickly adjust to new challenges and opportunities.
  4. Enhanced Strategic Leadership This program shows you how to become more enactive, influential, insightful, and innovative. And most importantly, how to amplify your strategic impact.

In summary, our course will equip you with the skills to understand and apply strategic concepts clearly, think and lead strategically, adapt swiftly to changing scenarios, communicate your vision effectively, and apply your new knowledge in real-world situations.

This transformative learning experience elevates your professional capabilities, positioning you as a strategic leader.

Course contents

Module 1 - Introduction

An overview of the entire program, ensuring you're well-prepared for the learning journey ahead.

  • Welcome to Strategic Thinking for Advantage - 1 mins
  • Background and Objectives - 14 mins
  • Course Overview - 2 mins
  • Mental Preparation - 4 mins

Module 2 - Strategy Demystified

In this module, we'll embark on a guided tour of strategy. I'll demystify what strategy really is and how it operates. You'll be introduced to valuable tools like the strategy frame, strategy pyramid, and a strategy roadmap—practical resources to help you organize your strategic thoughts effectively.

  • Strategy Summarized Module Overview - 2 mins
  • The Quest for Advantage - 14 mins
  • The Standard Strategy Frame - 18 mins
  • Strategy vs. Tactics - 13 mins
  • The Strategy Pyramid - 16 mins
  • The Strategy Roadmap - 15 mins

Module 3 - Building a Strategy for Strategic Thinking

With the tools and frameworks from the previous module, we'll roll up our sleeves and delve into action. You'll witness the inner workings of strategy development as we focus on crafting a strategy for strategic thinking. By the end, you'll have a fully fleshed-out strategy pyramid dedicated to enhancing your strategic thinking.

  • Building a Strategy Module Overview - 7 mins
  • Frame the Context - 5 mins
  • Evaluate the Challenge - 7 mins
  • What Better Looks Like - 10 mins
  • Current State Assessment Process - 6 mins
  • Current State Assessment - Personal Experience - 9 mins
  • Current State Assessment - External Research - 15 mins
  • Current State Assessment - Deconstructing Strategy - 20 mins
  • Current State Assessment - Issue Brainstorm - 11 mins
  • Current State Assessment - Integrating the Findings - 9 mins
  • Describe the Shift - 23 mins
  • Synthesize the Strategy - 4 mins

Module 4 - The Five Pillars of Being Strategic

Our final module is all about putting your strategic prowess into practice. I've titled it "Being Strategic" because it's not just about thinking strategically; it's about embodying it in your actions and being recognized as a strategic leader. We'll explore various ways to achieve this:

  • Being Strategic Module Overview - 4 mins
  • Developing an Enactive Mindset - 16 mins
  • Increasing Your Strategic Influence - 17 mins
  • Generating More Strategic Insight - 6 mins
  • Innovating for Advantage - 22 mins
  • Producing More Strategic Impact - 14 mins

Module 5 - Bonus Lessons

  • How to Win Your Day - 22 mins
  • Additional Resources for Further Development - 17 mins
  • Systems Thinking, Understanding and Learning 

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About Alex

I'm Alex Nesbitt, and I've dedicated my career to helping CEOs and executives like you master the art of strategy.

I work with ambitious CEOs and executives who want to be better leaders and strategic thinkers. I’ve been advising and mentoring CEOs for over 30 years.

I’ve also been a CEO and Board Director and have great empathy for the struggle and challenge of being a CEO. It’s a job without peers that you get no training for. I help with that.

While I’ve mentored CEOs of $15 billion companies, I prefer to work with CEOs of small to midsized companies that want to 10x their revenue and 50x their EBITDA.

I work with CEOs in a wide range of industries including software, manufacturing, distribution, renewable energy, technology, retail, consumer goods, power sports, automotive, finance, and health care.

My work focuses on helping CEOs level up. I’m a guide, mentor, coach, and advisor to CEOs who want to lead in more powerful ways. I help them look at their businesses with fresh eyes and realize levels of performance beyond their imagination.

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I'm on a mission to help a million people become  Enactive Leaders. And I want you to be part of that mission.

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  • Enactive Mindset: Learn how to take charge and shape your environment.
  • Strategic Insight: Cultivate the ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate outcomes.
  • Strategic Influence: Become someone who gets things done.
  • Strategic Innovation: Unleash your creativity to drive advantage.
  • Strategic Impact: Learn to focus in ways that drive tractable strategic impact.

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