Strategic Thinking for Advantage is a masterclass designed to level up your strategic leadership.


🎯 Improve Focus: Find and focus on the few factors that matter.

⚙️ Create Advantage: Get the right things done more quickly.

🚀Accelerate Impact: Maximize your return on energy.

⚡Be Strategic: Be seen as a strategic leader.

About the Program: Beyond the Buzzwords

Most "how to think strategically" advice boils down to the same tired truism. Think big picture.

This metaphor is fitting but not helpful for actually improving your strategic thinking or developing the skills and judgment required to become a strategic executive.

The "think big picture" advice is just too ambiguous to be useful.

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, the ability to think strategically is essential. It's not just a skill; it's a fundamental pillar for professional success.

As markets evolve and new technologies emerge, those who can anticipate, adapt, and strategically respond stand apart. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder or leading an organization, strategic acumen is key to staying ahead and making an impact.

However, mastering strategic thinking can often feel like you're trying to solve a puzzle without all the pieces.

If you’re nodding your head to these challenges, know that you’re not alone and there's a way out:

  • Mixing Up Strategy and Tactics? – Caught in the whirlwind of daily tasks and firefighting? It’s easy to get tangled up in the nitty-gritty and forget your bigger picture. This mix-up is more common than you think and can throw your game plan off track.
  • Drowning in the Sea of Planning? – Ever find yourself buried under a mountain of ideas, feeling completely swamped as you try to stitch them into a coherent plan? You’ve got company there. Turning a cloud of thoughts into a clear, actionable strategy is a maze many find tough to navigate.
  • Stumbling from Plan to Action? – Isn't it downright annoying when your well-thought-out plans hit a wall in te real world? It's like knowing where you want to go but not being able to get the car started. Moving from the drawing board to actual execution is a hurdle many trip over.
  • Struggling to Sharpen Your Strategy Skills? – In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day work, focusing on honing your strategic skills can take a back seat. But let's face it – beefing up these skills is a game-changer for your career and business growth, even though it's no walk in the park.
  • Hitting a Wall with Your Goals? – Setting ambitious targets is great, but crossing the finish line is where the real challenge lies. It’s a common sight – goals set with enthusiasm but losing steam halfway through.

Good News: There's a Way Through This Maze!  This intensive mentoring-based program answers these questions and more.

I've compressed my 30-plus years of strategic leadership and strategy consulting to help make strategic thinking more accessible to everyone.

It all starts by recognizing that strategy is a deeply human skill. Everyone can be more strategic.

Being strategic creates beneficial power dynamics, allowing you to move beyond management into positions of influence and leadership.

Strong strategic leaders are the people we turn to when things are tough. When we need to make big decisions, when we need to make significant changes.

These are the leaders who get the opportunities. And in turn, the responsibility, rewards, and recognition.

But strong strategic leaders are in short supply.

Despite its significance, nobody teaches you how to be more strategic. And the everyday work of an operational leader doesn't help you develop this skill.

This is precisely where Strategic Thinking for Advantage bridges the gap. It's designed to help you think and act strategically, propelling you to the next level of performance.


How would you feel if...

  • You could see the "big picture" and knew exactly how to contribute to it meaningfully?

  • Your voice and ideas are heard and sought after for major decisions?

  • You had a clear path to being more strategic?

  • You transformed the way you work, leading to recognition, promotions, and rewards?

  • People recognized you as a Strategic Leader?

  • You received the promotions, and rewards that come with being a Strategic Leader?

Now imagine this...

  • NO more feeling defeated by the phrase "not strategic enough."

  • NO more confusion about what it means to "think big picture."

  • NO more isolation or feeling stuck without guidance or direction.

  • NO more endless hard work without seeing the fruits of your labor.

  • NO more frustration from not knowing how to decode and act on feedback.

  • NO more feeling overlooked for opportunities that require strategic insight.

  • NO more struggling to connect your daily tasks to your company's strategic goals.

  • NO more missing out on being a key player in your organization's future.

  • NO more uncertainty about how to elevate your role and influence.

  • NO more barriers to being seen, acknowledged, and rewarded as a Strategic Leader.

Say hello to the Strategic Transformation

The core transformation that this program aims to achieve revolves around elevating aspiring leaders into strategic leaders who are recognized for their ability to think and act with a strategic perspective. The program is designed to instill a profound change in how participants view and engage with their roles, focusing on several key transformations:

1. From Operational to Strategic Thinking:

Participants will move beyond day-to-day tasks and develop the ability to see the bigger picture. They'll learn to identify the critical factors that drive success and focus their efforts on what truly matters, enhancing their strategic insight.

2. From Task Execution to Creating Advantage:

The program aims to shift participants from merely getting things done to strategically choosing actions that create a competitive edge. This involves prioritizing tasks that align with strategic objectives and executing them efficiently to maximize impact.

3. From Hard Work to High Impact:

Participants will learn to channel their energy and efforts in ways that amplify their impact. Instead of equating hard work with effectiveness, they'll discover how to leverage their strengths and resources to achieve significant outcomes with less effort.

4. From Unrecognized to Strategic Leader:

A pivotal transformation is in how participants are perceived within their organizations. The program equips them with the skills and insights to be recognized as strategic leaders, capable of influencing direction and driving strategic initiatives.

5. From Isolation to Influential Networker:

Addressing the feeling of isolation that can come from vague feedback, the program offers concrete steps and tools to build strategic influence. Participants will learn how to reframe their roles, enhancing their visibility and authority as strategic contributors.

6. From Following to Innovating:

Moving away from merely adopting best practices, participants will be encouraged to innovate, creating unique solutions and differentiators that set their teams and organizations apart in a crowded marketplace.

7. From Incremental to Exponential Growth:

The program focuses on identifying and exploiting leverage points within the participants' sphere of influence to exponentially increase the effectiveness of their actions, driving substantial growth and success.

The methodology underpinning this transformation emphasizes an "Enactive Mindset," which combines strategic thinking with intentional action to actively shape outcomes. By the end of the program, participants should be equipped to generate strategic insights, build strategic influence, foster strategic innovation, and accelerate strategic impact, fundamentally changing how they contribute to their organizations and beyond.

Hey! I'm Alex Nesbitt

I'm an entreprenuer, CEO, and a former Partner and Director of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

I’m a strategic guide, mentor, coach, and advisor to CEOs and executives who want to lead in more powerful ways.

I've worked with hundreds of CEOs and thousands of leaders, professionals, and executives who struggled with strategy development and tactical strategy deployment.

I've helped them become better strategic thinkers and more enactive leaders.

And I've helped them unlock their organizations' potential to generate billions in new revenues and profits from our work together.

The enactive system for being more strategic:

Embrace the Enactive Mindset

Connect strategic thinking with intentional action to actively shape outcomes.

Generate strategic insight

See the whole system, not just isolated parts, for better strategy.

Build strategic influence

Reframe your role and boost your personal influence and collective productivity.

Foster strategic innovation

Innovate for meaningful differentiation rather than follow best practices into the land of sameness.

Accelerate strategic impact

Find and focus on leverage points to maximize the impact of your work.

Here's what we cover in the course:

30+ Videos. Hundreds of actionable takeaways that will change how you think and act.

Module 1 - Introduction

An overview of the entire program, ensuring you're well-prepared for the learning journey ahead.

  • Welcome to Strategic Thinking for Advantage - 1 mins
  • Background and Objectives - 14 mins
  • Course Overview - 2 mins
  • Mental Preparation - 4 mins

Module 2 - Strategy Demystified

In this module, we'll embark on a guided tour of strategy. I'll demystify what strategy really is and how it operates. You'll be introduced to valuable tools like the strategy frame, strategy pyramid, and a strategy roadmap—practical resources to help you organize your strategic thoughts effectively.

  • Strategy Summarized Module Overview - 2 mins
  • The Quest for Advantage - 14 mins
  • The Standard Strategy Frame - 18 mins
  • Strategy vs. Tactics - 13 mins
  • The Strategy Pyramid - 16 mins
  • The Strategy Roadmap - 15 mins

Module 3 - Building a Strategy for Strategic Thinking

With the tools and frameworks from the previous module, we'll roll up our sleeves and delve into action. You'll witness the inner workings of strategy development as we focus on crafting a strategy for strategic thinking. By the end, you'll have a fully fleshed-out strategy pyramid dedicated to enhancing your strategic thinking.

  • Building a Strategy Module Overview - 7 mins
  • Frame the Context - 5 mins
  • Evaluate the Challenge - 7 mins
  • What Better Looks Like - 10 mins
  • Current State Assessment Process - 6 mins
  • Tapping into Personal Experience - 9 mins
  • Leveraging External Research - 15 mins
  • Deconstructing Strategy - 20 mins
  • Issue Brainstorming - 11 mins
  • Integrating the Findings - 9 mins
  • Describing the Shift - 23 mins
  • Synthesizing the Strategy - 4 mins

Module 4 - The Five Pillars of Being Strategic

Our final module is all about putting your strategic prowess into practice. I've titled it "Being Strategic" because it's not just about thinking strategically; it's about embodying it in your actions and being recognized as a strategic leader. We'll explore various ways to achieve this:

  • Being Strategic Module Overview - 4 mins
  • Developing an Enactive Mindset - 16 mins
  • Increasing Your Strategic Influence - 17 mins
  • Generating More Strategic Insight - 6 mins
  • Innovating for Advantage - 22 mins
  • Accelerating Strategic Impact - 14 mins

Module 5 - Bonus Lessons

  • The Win Your Day System- 22 mins
  • Systems Thinking - 8 Video Series
  • Additional Resources for Further Development - 17 mins

Watch a lesson

Not sure you'll like the course.

Watch a sample lesson to get a feel for the style and subject matter.

Sheril M.

Executive Coach

"I’ve read multiple books on strategy and also taken courses. They’re often too focused on theory and less so on implementation and mechanics. STA bridges that gap really well and covers ground thoroughly on both aspects - depth of frameworks combined with nuts & bolts of application.

Alex also shows you how to integrate it into your daily routine, making strategy a key part of how you think.

It’s a one of a kind opportunity to learn from a pro who’s practiced strategic thinking for decades. I got a lot out of it and I’m sure you’ll do as well. Highly recommended!"

Don S.

Board Director

"Alex Nesbitt’s course provides a practical education on strategic thinking that is well-founded on his rich expertise and deep research.

The course has the added value of a behind-the-scenes module presenting Alex's strategic thinking used to formulate the course itself.

In the end, one arrives more knowledgeable about strategic thinking and how to do it, as well as being more strategic for oneself and others."

Kobe L.

Consultant & Entreprenuer

"Strategy Academy is nothing short of an educational goldmine, and I feel significantly more well-equipped to use strategic thinking as a day-to-day skill and reflex.

Alex shares a wealth of knowledge in a format that is easily digestible and entertaining, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to up-level their strategic foundation."


Ore A.

Strategy Intern

"The course is one of the best I have taken in recent times.

It did not just reconfirm how I view strategy, the course shed more light on how to be more strategic daily.

I will recommend it to another who believes in the power of strategy to improve the odds of getting more out of a situation."


Mike A.

Health Care Strategy Expert

"One of the smartest people I know.  Alex is excellent at advising companies on developing strategy and implementing it to achieve their goals by setting up governance and accountability along the way; ensuring team / organizational alignment."



Basem W.

Strategic CFO

"This course is a game-changer with its practical approach. Alex is a master at showing how to seamlessly integrate strategic thinking into our daily lives, making it an essential part of our decision-making process. 

Learning from Alex, with his decades of experience in strategic thinking, has been an incredible privilege. The insights and knowledge I've gained are invaluable."

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's How Much It "Costs"

I'm on a mission to help a million people become  Strategic Leaders. And I want you to be part of that mission.

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You get the entire training program (video sessions, slides, templates and tools) for only $297.

That gives ANNUAL access to a program designed to teach you how to think and act more strategically.

Imagine how much better you will be when you master:

  • Enactive Mindset: Learn how to take charge and shape your environment.
  • Strategic Insight: Cultivate the ability to see the bigger picture and anticipate outcomes.
  • Strategic Influence: Become someone who gets things done.
  • Strategic Innovation: Unleash your creativity to drive advantage.
  • Strategic Impact: Learn to focus in ways that drive tractable strategic impact.

The return on your investment in yourself is priceless.

Don't delay. Space is limited.

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